Departure: Church Square *

Let the garden of the cure to your left and go straight to the cemetery where you will find the sign « Sagne aux Fraisses ».
Take the left path to the road and turn right.
Follow this road for 200 meters to the junction you will pass and turn right the dirt road towards the coast to the paved road.
Take the road to the right until the sign "Fontaine Saint Martial" on your left.
Descend through the woods, turn right and you will discover the so-called stone « du sacrifice »


Legend has it that this stone
was used for sacrifices that date back to the time "druid"

Then go back to church.*

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Blason de Lioux les Monges - Armories of Lioux-les-Monges

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Vivalioux association

The Vivalioux association was created in 2001 with the aim of :

“Meeting the needs for culture and leisure activities of the residents of Lioux-les-Monges, be they permanent or holidaymakers; facilitating exchanges inside and outside of the village;  promoting the image of the village”.


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